Tips for Packing and Storing Your Belongs in Mobile Storage Containers.

Whether you’re looking for a quick move or long-term storage, our mobile storage solution is a safe, convenient, and cost-effective way to keep your things organized and secure.


  1. Choose the Right Space For You

Work with the City Storage Group experts to determine the necessary storage capacity to meet your needs, ranging from 8 x 20 to 8 x 40 feet containers, available for rent or purchase. We invite you to visit our 185 Ashland Ave storage yard to see the containers for yourself!


  1. Plan Ahead – Keep a checklist

Prepare a checklist in advance of loading up your mobile storage container. It will help ensure that once your container is dropped off, you can pack effectively without having to worry about whether or not you’ve forgotten anything.


  1. Equip Yourself with the Proper Supplies

Don’t pack your items into a storage container without first protecting them. Shop for packing supplies and equipment at our Packing Supplies store, like tape, cardboard boxes and moving dollies, to safely wrap and transport your belongings into storage.


  1. Utilize Space Effectively

Packing something in your container that you will want to access sooner than later? Make sure that you put these things at the front. This way, you’re not jumping over couches and pushing through boxes to find something you need right away, like important personal documents.


  1. Scrub Household Appliances

Prior to packing away kitchen appliances like fridges, microwaves and coolers, ensure that all liquids are drained and that all surface areas are clean. This is to avoid grease, coolant or water from leaking into your storage container.

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