Moving Tips

Ready to Make the Transition to a New Home or Office?

Our moving tips and tricks will provide you with the knowledge you need for a hassle-free move. Leading up to the day of your move, it’s important to organize and label your belongings, pack them away safely and prepare your movers for how to prioritize items for convenient access later on. 

Before Moving Day

  • Stock up on all the packing essentials

Make sure you have supplies on hand like moving boxes, paper, and tape. We make it easy with custom-made moving supply kits at our three self-storage locations.

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  • Dispose of unwanted items

Start a pile of anything you want to get rid of. You can add to it as you go along. Then donate or sell unwanted items still in good shape. There’s no point in moving junk or stuff you don’t want anymore. Consider a garage sale, sell items online, pass items on to a friend or donate to a local charity.

  • Throw away garbage

Avoid a messy move by getting rid of the garbage and recycling anything possible. Dispose of any hazardous household chemicals properly.

  • Be ready before booking transportation

Ensure you have most of your packing done to avoid any last-minute scrambling before your movers arrive.


Moving Day to Storage

If you’re packing for short or long-term storage, but there are some items you will need to retrieve during that time, keep them in separate ‘quick access’ boxes that you can place within easy reach. Label your boxes clearly to indicate their contents and quick access priority.


When moving your boxes, furniture or other items into an indoor space or portable container, make sure to leave enough space for a walkway that extends to the back of your unit. This will assist with retrieving even the non-priority contents stowed away for the long run.


Keep items you may wish to bring out of storage temporarily close to the front of your unit for easy access. These include items such as Christmas or holiday decorations, seasonal sports equipment, and business files.


Moving Day to a New Home 

If you’re packing for a residential move, you’ll want to keep some items packed in designated ‘open me first’ boxes. Once settled in your new home, you may not be finished unpacking before it’s time to eat or sleep, so you’ll need quick and easy access to your daily necessities.


Possible Items to Include in your “Open Me First” Boxes:

  • At least one of each: drinking glass, plate, bowl, spoon, fork and knife
  • Energy-boosting snacks
  • Flashlights or light bulbs if you haven’t already ensured they’re in place at the new location
  • Toiletries like hairbrushes, toothbrushes, toothpaste, soap, towels
  • Sleeping essentials like nightclothes, sheets, pillows and blankets
  • Toilet paper!
  • Tea kettle or coffee maker and enough mugs for your household, plus tea/coffee, sugar, milk… whatever you need to wake up in the morning!
  • Any special stuffed animal friends your little ones can’t do without
  • Some games or activities to keep the kids busy when they tire of helping unpack


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