Large Inventory of Quality Packing Supplies

The Box & Bubble Store

Shop our large inventory of quality packing materials for sale made to meet your moving or storing needs. We supply cardboard boxes in a variety of sizes, durable plastic covers, wraps and packing paper, tape, and more. Simply select what you want and order for curbside pick-up at the location of your choice! (COMING SOON)


Packing Boxes

From 16” to 55” wide, we have cardboard boxes designed to hold a number of household and office items including electronics.

Protective Covers 

Our durable plastic covers can protect everything from a picture frame to a king-size mattress.

Wraps, Paper & Tape

Protect fragile items from breaking, prevent surfaces from getting scratched, and fill in space so items don’t move around inside the boxes with packing paper and bubble wrap. Then seal your boxes securely with tape and identify those with fragile contents.

Miscellaneous Packing Supplies

Make life easier with a tape dispenser and save your teeth! Don’t forget markers to label the contents of your boxes.

Moving Kits

Take the guesswork out of deciding what supplies you need. We assembled popular items for the convenience of grab-and-go with additional savings.

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