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As the school year nears the end in London, Ontario, you might be searching for student storage solutions for summer between semesters. What can you do with all the belongings you’ve accumulated? Whether you plan to move home for the summer or head far away for a co-op work term, temporary relocation can be challenging. This summer storage advice applies to other seasonal professionals too including teachers. 

Ready to storm your dorm? Choose from several summer storage solutions designed specifically with students in mind. From self-storage facilities to mobile storage options and packing supplies, we offer budget-friendly and practical solutions to make the transition between semesters a breeze.

Stress-Free Self-Storage Units for Students

Self-storage provides storage space for students seeking a blend of convenience, versatility, and affordability for stress-free summer storage. These facilities cater to a wide range of requirements, offering a variety of unit sizes to store anything from seasonal clothing and academic materials to bulky furniture from a student apartment.





Some of Our Popular Storage Unit Sizes

Small Closet
5x5 small closet storage unit model
Walk-in Closet
5x10 walk in closet storage unit model
Deep Closet
5x15 deep walk in closet storage unit model
10x10 large walk in closet storage unit model
Deep Garage
10x20 deep garage storage unit model
Wide Garage
15x15 large garage storage unit model

The Convenience of Mobile Storage for Moving

For students moving between campuses or home for the summer, mobile storage offers a unique blend of convenience and efficiency. This service simplifies the moving process by delivering a portable storage unit directly to your doorstep. You have the freedom to pack your items at a comfortable pace, on your timeline. What a great option during exams!

Once you finish packing everything securely, we take care of the rest. You can request us to transport your belongings to a new address or store them safely at our facility until you need them again. 

This method drastically reduces the logistical challenges associated with traditional moving methods, such as renting trucks or coordinating multiple trips to a storage unit. This ideal solution for students provides a hassle-free way to manage their possessions during transitional periods, offering both flexibility and ease.

Packing Supplies for Efficient Summer Storage

Whether you keep your things in storage or plan to take them home, using the right packing supplies is crucial. Durable boxes, bubble wrap, packing tape, and markers for clear labelling are foundational elements for both safeguarding and organizing your belongings. 

Investing in high-quality packing materials not only protects your items during the storage period but also facilitates a more organized and hassle-free unpacking experience when you retrieve your belongings.

Cost-Effective Strategies for Student Storage

students in self storage unit holding labelled boxes

Frequently Asked Storage Questions from Students

Why do I need self-storage?

Fanshawe Students and those attending Western University living in dorms must vacate for the summer. They need a place to store their things while they go home or away to work until they return in September.  Others choose to move apartments when they return. Self-storage offers a secure place to store belongings during breaks and between moves.

Student storage storage works just like regular self-storage. You rent a unit at one of our self-storage facilities. We offer many different sizes depending on what you need to store. You load your items into your unit and store them for as long as you need. You can access the unit whenever you want during your paid rental period. When you no longer need to store items, you cancel your rental and remove your belongings.  Special student promotions offered may require a minimum amount of time.

We recommend you book as soon as you know your exam schedule and have made your travel arrangements. During our spring season, the last two weeks of April are incredibly busy.

If you plan so store a small amount of stuff that fits into your own vehicle,  you can arrive at any time duirng business hours to access your unit for the first time. Dollies are on site to help transfer beglongings from the vehicle to the storage unit. We also offer drive up units too.

No Truck?  No Problem!

For summer 2024, City Storage offers students a FREE TRUCK to move out of their dorm or apartment and store belongings and again when they move out of storage back into their student accommodations.  We meet you at your place of residence and wait for you to load up the truck.  Then you follow us to the storage facility so you can move your stuff into your storage unit.  When you’re ready to go back to school, come the storage facility and load your stuff back onto the truck.  We’ll deliver it to your new place so you can unload and move in.

Restrictions apply. Contact us for details.

Unfortunately we cannot provide rides to our storage facilities.  We do not carry insurance to transport people.  You can follow us in your own vehicle, ask a friend or famly member to drive or grab an Uber!

If you plan to take advantage of our FREE TRUCK offer for the summer of 2024, you can schedule pick-up times when you book your unit and agin in the fall when you’re ready to move out of storage.  

You can access your stuff during our access hours which differ based on location as follows:

North London Location (715 Fanshawe Park Road) Access Hours:

24 Hours, 7 Days a Week


Central London Location (203 Bathurst Street) Access Hours:

7 Days a Week 6:00 AM – 10:00 PM


East London Location (185 Ashland Ave) Access Hours:

7 Days a Week 6:00 AM – 10:00 PM

When you rent a storage unit at any of our locations, you will be given access to an online account. At the top of our website, just click “PAY BILL”, choose the location where your storage unit is and access your account and make a payment.

Packing up your dorm room can take a few hours. But you can speed up the process on that last exam day by pre-packing stuff you don’t need in your final week early. Check out our packing list at the end of this article to make sure you don’t forget anything!

Our customers who aren’t students ask this question too! First, you need to get a good idea of what you need to pack and determine the square footage of all your items. Measure any large furniture pieces so you know what your minimum width or length will be.

Check out our Size Guide here.

Yes, we highly recommend labelling your boxes for storage to easily identify contents and locate items when needed.

This also comes in handy if you share a room or apartment with others. So don’t forget to include your name on the boxes so you know who the boxes belong to.

You can certainly put textbooks in a storage unit. However, if you plan to store books over a longer term, ensure you choose a climate-controlled unit to prevent damage from humidity and temperature changes.

Electronics can be safe in a storage unit if properly stored and kept dry. Use protective packing materials to avoid damage from dust and moisture. If storing for a longer period, choose a temperature-controlled environment to protect electronics from temperature extremes.

You can keep appliances in a storage unit, but ensure they are clean and dry to prevent mould and mildew. Remember to prop doors slightly open to allow air circulation. 

To determine if you need insurance, check with your existing homeowner or tenant policy.  For more guidance, read our article about Storage Unit Insurance here.

Student Storage for Summer Tips

Don’t wait until exams begin. Start organizing and packing early. Plan where you will store your items and how you will get them there. Have a look at our Student Storage Checklist below.

Don’t store junk. Get rid of garbage and broken items. Toss or donate items you don’t need. And as a bonus, an organized space will help you study.

Use sturdy bins or purchase our boxes to protect your items. Wrap fragile items in paper or bubble wrap. Don’t overload boxes to make lifting easier and reduce the risk of dropping and damaging something. Download our handy Packing List below.

Label every box identifying contents and what room it belongs in. Keep an inventory of what goes into each box and consider an “open me first” box. This makes unpacking much easier.

female studnet packing books in boxes for storage

Student Storage Checklist


Student Storage Packing List

Printable Student Storage packing list

Cost-Effective Convenient Portable Storage

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